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What is the rental fee for Heritage Acres and what does it include?

  • Please see the details found here for complete pricing and included items.


What is the building capacity?

  • 250 guests including the bridal party, however we only provide seating for ceremomy & reception seating for 180. Extra seating may be brought in. 


What dates are available?

Please see the available dates information here.


When are the payments due? Do you offer a payment plan?

  • When the contract is signed, to continue holding the date, we require a 25% booking fee to be paid. The final remaining payment will be due 30 days prior to the event. You are welcome to send smaller, partial payments of any amount prior to the specified due date, so in effect creating your own payment plan on your own schedule. Please include the last names of the couple and the wedding date in the memo line if you are mailing a check. Full payment is due by the specified due date. We also reserve the right to request a credit card on file for any damages to the facility or grounds. 


How do I reserve a date?

  • To reserve a date email us at saying you are ready to book your date if it is still available. We suggest you email us stating you are ready to book your preferred date and then include a backup date in case your preferred date is unavailable. Prior to booking a date, we hope you are able to come out in person to visit the farm. You can request a tour (or a Facetime tour if you live out of the area) on our tour request page, but an in person tour is not required prior to booking a date. Dates are reserved on a first requested basis. Whomever has requested to start the contract process from us by email first for a specific date will be first in line.


Do I need to schedule a tour or can I just stop by?

  •  All tours are by appointment only due to the owner's private residence also being on the property. You can request a tour here.


What is the average budget of a couple getting married at Heritage Acres?

  • That is a great question! In general, we believe the average budget of a couple getting married at Heritage Acres is between $12,000-$25,000 for all wedding expenses (venue, food, dress, DJ, photographer, etc.). We have had some creative couples with smaller guests lists host beautiful weddings in the $ 5,000 - $10,000 range, and we have had several lovely events here spending significantly less than the average, especially with our petite and elopement packages.  You can have a wedding that is completely stress free where everything is done for you with our All Inclusive Package with a Budget of $13000-$16000. 

Will there be another wedding the same day?

  • We only host one wedding each day to ensure that each couple's event is special and receives our full attention.


Are there overnight accommodations nearby?

  • Yes! There are two main hotels in Clarksville within 12-15 minutes, The Holiday Inn and The Hampton Inn. 

  • There is also a Best Western and a Quality Inn within 12-15 minutes as well. 

  • Also, check out the dozen or so airbnbs within 5-20 minutes of us! 


How many cars will your parking lot accommodate?

  • 100 cars.

What happens in case of rain?

  • In the case of rain we have a beautiful backdrop indoors with the Heritage Acres Mountain View displayed right outside our barns front French doors. . Our couples love this option because it’s a stunning ceremony location and doesn’t require the room flip other venues require, which would be disruptive to your event.


We plan to have our ceremony offsite, or only plan to have our ceremony at Heritage Acres.  Does your fee change?

  • Because we only host one event per day, our fee remains the same whether you hold your ceremony, reception, or both onsite.


Do you allow dogs onsite to play a part in our wedding day?

  • We are dog friendly, with some specific stipulations. Dogs are allowed (only with pre-approval by Owners) at the ceremony and pictures. Animals, other than service animals, are NOT allowed under roof or near food. Dogs must be on a leash and someone must be responsible for them other than the bride and groom.


What form of payment do you accept?

  • Cash or check. We do accept credit card but there is a 3% charge for credit card payments. You can pay your invoice online without any added fees via an e-check. 

 Where can I find pictures of the decor available?


What time will I have access to the venue to decorate?

  • You will have access to the venue at the time listed on your contract, not earlier. 


When is the next open house? 

  • Open house dates and the RSVP form can be found here.


If we choose the one day option, will we be able to access the location early to rehearse our ceremony? 

  • If you choose the one day rental, our venue will likely be reserved by another couple the night before. For that reason, one day rentals should plan for an offsite rehearsal. You are also welcome to bring anyone who would feel more comfortable understanding the venue (such as your DJ or minister, or any little ones in the wedding party) to one of our monthly open houses.

    Morning of and Day of Rehearsals are also extremely common now! We do these a lot for our All Inclusives. 


Can vehicles be left overnight?

  • No vehicles can be left overnight. Please advise your guests of this policy. The gates will be locked at 11 PM and since we are also a working farm, the gates remain locked at other times to keep the cows in and our privacy! We appreciate your understanding. 


We are using a rental company.  Can they drop items off or pick them up outside of the rental period? 

  • We are a working farm and live on the premises. For that reason, all deliveries must happen during the standard rental period. Please advise your vendors of this policy.

Are candles allowed?

  • Yes, candles are allowed as long as the flame is completely contained in a candle holder. Tapered candles and any type of hanging candles will not be allowed for safety reasons, unless you use the glass cylinders over them. 

How far in advance do you need our final headcount?

  • The week of where we can set up the ceremony site accordingly. 


What is the event clean-up process?

  • Heritage Acres staff will handle all standard clean up and trash removal throughout and following the wedding reception. You are only responsible for removing the decorations you brought in. 


Can we take photos around the farm on our wedding day?

  • Of course! We highly recommend the parking lot shuttle that will take the bride, groom and photographer all over the 45 acres to take photos! And yes if you would like a photo with our livestock we will try to make that happen as well!


If you have any other questions at all shoot us an email at

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