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Elopement/ Intimate Wedding asked and we listened!

"Let's runaway together and get married."

Myranda Randle Photography

"Let's Renew our vows with our closest friends and family!"

"I want to marry you, but not stress over all the details of a big wedding!"

"Let's get married this week!"

If you feel this way or have said some of these same comments in the past then you are in luck. We are now offering Elopement/Intimate wedding packages during the week Monday-Thursday and some select Fridays and Sundays.

Intimate weddings are among some of our favorites at the venue. They are filled with love and focused on what really matters, the vows that two people are making to commit their lives to one another for better or worse. And the best part, they won't break the bank and they will be just as gorgeous as a large wedding we host at the venue.

Myranda Randle Photography

Myranda Randle Photography

Our packages create a stress free wedding ceremony that includes everything a Bride and Groom needs to have a lovely romantic ceremony at our venue for up to 25 of your closest friends and family. These packages are perfect for a couple that wants gorgeous wedding photos without all the hassle and stress of a big wedding. These new packages allow you to have your cake and eat it to you! You just have to show up to the venue the day of ready to put on your beautiful dress and the rest is completely taken care of. You tie the knot, take some beautiful photos, cut and eat some cake, and then you are off to your honeymoon for a fraction of the cost of a large wedding. We take care of it all. All you have to do is let us know your overall theme/look you are wanting and we take it from there.

If you are newly engaged or looking to have a small intimate wedding or elopement then give us a call today to check your date! Just got engaged, and can't wait to have the wedding, no problem! All we need is enough time to order your floral and cake and we can usually make it happen within 1-2 weeks if your date is flexible. Check out our pricing sheet under the rentals tab of our website for pricing information or fill out our elopement form to get your own customized quote.

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