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Don't Set The Worst time for your Best Day

Before sending those save the dates out perhaps you should reconsider that 4 PM ceremony time for your afternoon June wedding. Your photographer and your guests will greatly appreciate it. The last thing you want is for everyone to be roasting in the sun for an hour-paying more attention to their curls falling then to you and your hubs declaring your undying love for one another.

With that being said, one thing you should always know before deciding the time of your wedding ceremony (especially if your dream ceremony location is outdoors) is the time of sunset on that exact day at that location. To find this information, google is your best friend. It gives you the sunset time down to the minute. Once you have that time, you can now plan a wedding timeline your photographer and guests will love, well maybe not love, but they will definitely appreciate it. ☺️

So now that you know when the sun will be setting, deciding on a time is just a matter of exactly what you want to happen before and after the wedding ceremony. If you are going the more modern route for your big day and sharing a first look with the groom before the vows, then you can plan on having almost all of your group photos with bridal party and family taken before the ceremony. Then you should totally have that sunset wedding ceremony you always dreamed of! You know the one where the sun is perfectly shining through your hair in that first kiss as husband and wife photo, but isn't blaring overhead where everyone looks squinty eyed and like they just ran a few miles. But if you are wanting to save that first look for when you are walking down the aisle, then you will probably not want to have your wedding ceremony right at sunset because then by the time the ceremony is over there will not be enough daylight for those adorable couple photos and bridal party shots. All of those photos will have to be taken inside, and that doesn't usually make for the best lighting.

Since sunset times vary significantly depending on the season of the year and where you are in the world, ceremony times should vary as well. While it may not be the quickest decision choosing the perfect ceremony time you will be happy on the day of if you took a few minutes in deciding the time for that moment you have been dreaming of forever.

Now, if all of this planning has you totally stressed out and you honestly can't make another decision without needing a drink, then go ahead and have a glass of wine and shoot us an email or comment with your questions and we will be happy to send over some advice!

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