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Summer Days at The Barn

The view from the ceremony site beside the barn in the summer.

First, I must apologize for the lack of blog posts up until now. With all the spring showers and hectic schedules, progress on the barn slowed to a crawl, but now things are heating up and I do not mean just outside. The barn construction crew is working around the clock to have the barn built for the end of summer. Just last week, they finished most of the loft. By the end of this week, things will be looking up. By that I mean, the crew should be going up with the framing with our highest point being over 31 feet tall! We are so excited to see the trusses, and then the walls!

We also have some very exciting news for all those summer and winter brides! We have decided to heat and cool the entire barn! We are so thankful for the family we have helping us accomplish this! We were originally only going to have the bridal suite, bathrooms, and kitchen heated and cooled, but after many requests, we are very excited to say the entire barn will be temperature controlled. So if you are looking to get married in the summer or winter months of 2017, schedule a showing of the barn! Dates are booking up quickly! And remember our current promotion, for any wedding booked while the barn is under construction, you will receive 10% off! And Like our page on Facebook, for an extra 5% off!

Over 1000 square feet of loft space!
The U shaped Loft is ready for the wood floor!
Walls are going up on the sides! 18 ft Side Walls

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